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Updated: Jun 7

Every individual has a unique story to share, and for me, 2023 proved to be a year of profound significance. With each passing day of the past year, I confronted the stark and beautiful reality of my own mortality.

Though I am not ready to share my complete story at this time, I strongly believe in the transformative and positive power of prayer and optimism.

In 2023, people worldwide faced physical and emotional traumas that challenged their resilience. I experienced a traumatic journey too and though I am not ready to tell my full story, I can reveal that it was the transformative power of prayer and optimism that guided me through it all.


In moments of profound despair, I was reminded that strength in the love and understanding of our caregivers becomes essential as they can serve as a guiding light in life's challenging journey.


Challenging 2023


Like many, in 2023, I encountered substantial challenges that I will continue to manage and navigate in 2024. Here are some of the obstacles I faced in 2023:


Health Issues


Entering 2023, my deepest fears materialized as I faced potential health issues. This fear fuelled a consistent and persistent search for any possible health problems I might have. I experienced a harrowing and traumatic year of medical investigations conducted both locally and abroad. This intense focus on health significantly disrupted my life routine and became a dark cloud that dimmed the sunshine in many areas of my life.

My Dual Passion


I am driven by my dual passions of public service and entrepreneurship. Initiating transformative changes always comes with its share of obstacles, especially when working on novel endeavours. The establishment of urban and integrated business centres is poised to revolutionize the business ecosystem in rural Jamaica. This endeavour is both time-consuming and challenging. Striking a balance between these transformational initiatives and pursuing my entrepreneurial interests (engineering and consultancy) proves to be a formidable task. However, arrow straight focus and creating supportive structures in my life give me the wherewithal to juggle both passions.

Staying Fit


Since 1997, the gym has been my sanctuary—a commitment solidified during a moment of self-awareness. However, 2023 stands out as my worst fitness year in three decades, reminiscent of the dormancy experienced during the COVID-19 lockdowns. My once-resilient body now grapples with the loss of muscle mass and weight gain. The familiar routines of the gym and running seem elusive. The 'sexy silver fox' brand is fading, underscoring the uphill battle to reclaim full fitness. Still, goals once achieved are easier to attain a second time. The ‘sexy silver fox’ is on his way back!


Blogging is Hard


When I launched in 2020, my initial goal was to produce at least one blog per month. In 2023, I was slapped in the face by the fact that one blog per month would be unrealistic with my various responsibilities. Faced with time and energy constraints, I decided to shift my focus to writing one blog every two months, delving into deeply personal topics. I find myself disappointed that I have not been able to write more academic and professional research articles, as these blogs are more challenging to research and write. I find solace in the awareness that all my blogs carry implicit and explicit lessons. Maybe, just maybe, someone will find a solution or some kind of peace in my blogs.

Dr. DF Lessons Learned


My New Year's gift to you all is the sharing of my private thoughts on the "Life Lessons Learned" from my growth this year:


  1. Strength in Unity: No one exists in isolation; our inner circle fortifies our resilience. My well-being was sustained by those who cared deeply.

  2. Invest in Health: Prioritize your health as a valuable asset. Years of investing in wellness proved to be my ‘best stock’. Embrace a lifestyle of balanced nutrition, sufficient sleep, regular exercise and joyful living.

  3. Embrace Global Perspectives: While cherishing home, recognize the limitations of our health system. Consider exploring options for accessing first-world healthcare facilities. Be proactive in seeking multiple opinions and remedies.

  4. Wealth for Health: Redirect a portion of your wealth towards creating a health and wellness fund. Allocate resources to both preventive and curative health measures, acknowledging the inevitability of mortality and morbidity.

  5. Self-Advocacy: You are your best advocate. Collaborate with your doctor by providing essential information for informed decisions. Triangulate medical advice to ensure a comprehensive approach to your healthcare.

  6. Nature's Remedies: Explore the power of natural remedies. Sunlight, clean water, and a diet rich in natural foods, especially those with anti-inflammatory properties.

  7. Passion in Work: Align your work with your passion. This alignment fosters mental acuity and better decision-making. Engaging in activities for the betterment of others sustains life.

  8. Moderation in Pleasure: I am a party enthusiast; however, I advocate for moderation in indulgences. Excessive alcohol and sugars can adversely affect health.

  9. Create a Haven: Prioritize rest as a crucial treatment in life. Cultivate an environment of peace and tranquility. Create a space of peace in your mind and your physical environment.  This is crucial for self-rejuvenation.

  10. Faith and Belief: Embrace faith in God, acknowledging the support of your prayer warriors. Their prayers, fasting, and positivity contribute to hope and strength. Simply, find your own spiritual anchor.




In the face of life's challenges, let us collectively strive to live our best lives. Prioritize building and maintaining health and wellness while recognizing the power of people and prayer as ultimate winners in the journey of life.


Happy New Year to you all and your families! “Nuff prosperity!”


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Big up to all my contributors and editors who continuously support my work.

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