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About Me

I am truly a country boy, born and bred in a very rural community. Springfield, in the hills of St. Bess Jamaica. I am the last child of 16 brothers and sisters. Yes with Mom and Dad, we have a cricket and netball teams. As many country people, I migrated to Kingston to be grown up by my bigger brothers and sisters, and to access a higher level of education. 

I have a Doctorate in Business Administration, and a Master’s of Science in Management Information System, and Master in Business Administration, in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Electrical Engineering. 

I have served in positions at the highest levels of the public and private sectors for more than 25 years. Over this period, I have held both management and technical positions. These positions include managing director of Factories Corporation of Jamaica, chief information officer for Jamaica Public Service; chief executive officer of Kingston Public and Jubilee Hospitals; regional director, South East Regional Health Authority; and senior director, special services, Ministry of Health. I have also served in engineering positions such as operations manager, project manager and maintenance engineer.

My greatest hope is to utilize my extensive work experience in real estate, healthcare  and power utility industries and my diverse academic training in management, information systems and engineering to create extensive value for businesses and country alike.

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