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Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Living our best life requires us to create wealth and good health. In my case, creating wealth is a never-ending process that is fostered through hard work, business and investments. Developing healthy habits is just as important and hence, implementing my GRED Program is part of that foundation.

I hope that you have had the opportunity to travel with me on this journey over the last thirty-eight (38) days, to ultimately transform 'mi mash-up soca baady' into one that is ‘ready fi di road’. Implementing the GRED Program has been a rewarding experience so far for me and I would not have done it any other way.

If you’re interested in wanting to look good, feel good, and ameliorating your health overall, feel free to join me for the remaining 22 days and ‘Do the GRED’!

Before I dive into the details, I must say a big thank you all for the many comments, suggestions, and motivational anecdotes that you have shared with me.

Like many others, I hope that in 2022 the world will reopen to allow 'soca chasers' like myself to truly exhale once again. I believe that in these unusual times, our quality of life can be enhanced by taking the vaccine and implementing a GRED Program. By putting our health first, lockdowns, curfews and all other pandemic-related implementations by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, MOHW, can be a thing of the past.

I therefore urge you all to take the vaccine and ‘Do the GRED’.

Vaccine for Life - National Chest Hospital

The last 38 days of my GRED Program have been hard and demanding. At times, I feel my aged body is breaking under the stress of this very aggressive program, but I persevere. When I developed this program, I knew from inception that it wouldn’t be easy, but the challenge makes it even more rewarding.

My personal objectives for the GRED Program are as follows:

1. Workout a minimum of 4 days per week;

2. Lose 16 pounds by June 1;

3. Burn belly fat;

4. Cut and bulk muscles.

Running and Walking Nearly Everday

The following is an update on the progress of my GRED Program after 30 days:

Workout for 4 days per week

Early in my GRED Program, I decided that I needed to work out more than 4 days per week to quickly lose weight and to enhance my fitness and stamina. I was able to accomplish working out 4 to 7 days each week, averaging 5 days per week, by applying the ‘run and walk’ method to my routine almost every day. During the lockdown period, I stayed in multiple locations, which allowed me the flexibility of working out any of 7 days of the week. One such location was an apartment complex, which has over 400 meters of roadway encircling the massive complex. This allowed the residents to exercise at any time of the day and night, regardless of their daily schedule and responsibilities.

During weekdays and on some weekends, I would ‘run and walk’ in multiple locations throughout Kingston and St. Andrew. One of my favourite locations to ‘run and walk’ is Mountain Spring, which is known for being one of the most demanding hills to exercise around town. Long Mountain and on the Palisadoes/Airport Road were also locations I frequented, but neither are as challenging as Mountain Spring. One of the aspects I enjoyed most while working out at these places is the beautiful scenery; this made my workouts enjoyable as the sunset from both locations was just breathtaking. I also used the opportunity to do floor exercises, such as abs and push-ups, while basking in the view of sweet Jamaica.

Sunset on Airport Road

I have to big up Mellie and Nav, my new running peeps and 'Jah-llywood' producers.

My exercise routines at the gym and home were successfully carried out. I attended the gym about 4 times per week and completed at home workouts 2 times per week. My workout programs were low intensity, whilst I tried to nurture and work my muscles in. After the damage I sustained last year to my leg, I decided that it was better to start the GRED Program slowly, using more sets and reps and, accompanied by light weights. That proved to be a great strategy and I can confidently say that I feel very flexible and toned 38 days later.

Jamaica’s response to the Pandemic resulted in multiple curfews and lockdowns being imposed, which resulted in gyms being closed at 6 pm on weekdays and 4 pm and 2 pm respectively, on Saturdays and Sundays. This meant that I had to attend the gym early in the mornings before work and during morning hours on weekends. This was a 180 degree shift in my pre-pandemic gym schedule of attending gym in the evenings. I had to reengineer my body’s clock from working out in the gym in the evening, to working out first thing in the morning, which I admit took some doing. Most mornings, I got up around 4:45 am and some mornings, I did not make it out of bed, as I turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep. Gladly, I always had the weekend to make up for my neglectful ways during the week. The curfew did not impact my ‘running and walking’ schedule; I walked mostly evenings and on weekends.

I understand due to curfew that not everyone will have access to a gym. In order to not let this affect your progress, I suggest investing in the following while working out at home:

● Portable weights;

● Water bottle;

● Floor mat;

● Skipping rope;

● Muscle Roller;

● Hard ball; and

● A favourite workout YouTube channel.

Running Up Mountain Spring

Lose 16 pounds

At the start of April, I weighed 216 lbs. I convinced myself that the scales I was using, were all defective in order to feed my sense of denial. As of April 30th, I have lost 9 lbs, which brings my current weight to 207 lbs. I accept that losing 18 lbs by May 31 would be a tremendous accomplishment which would require a lot of hard work. I have therefore decided to challenge myself and I am pleasantly surprised by my progress to date.

I ran and walked almost every time I had the opportunity. To protect my legs, I ran 80 -100 meter sprints on the hill and 2k - 6k runs and walks on the flat. I walked at a brisk pace for most of the journey and this has proven very effective, because it has reduced the wear and tear on my body, especially my legs. I think running and walking have significantly made a difference in my weight loss thus far.

Eating right became an intentional habit over the last month; I believe it consequently contributed to my weight loss, as much of our health has to do with our diet. My diet was consistently comprised of eggs, fish, chicken, vegetables, and ground provisions. On a typical day, I stuck to one good meal supported by my protein shakes and fruits. Breakfast was always light. For example, I would have a mixed iced tea with a bagel from Starbucks, egg white and sometimes cereal. More recently, I introduced apple cider vinegar, ACV, shots and fast until noon. I also started drinking lemon or lime water before bed. After making the aforementioned adjustments, I noticed that my sleep improved dramatically and it was evident that my aged body needed the rest to recuperate.

Looking even a 1 Pack

Burn belly fat

I have lost significant weight from my stomach and waist; my waistline has decreased to 34 inches from 36 inches and, I am finally parting ways with the love of my life, my love handles. This is directly linked to the amount of walking and running I have done, my vegetable and fruit-based diet and even more recently, my consumption of apple cider vinegar and lemon water. Small contributions were also made from my floor and core exercises in the gym.

Two weeks into the program, I noticed that I was extremely bloated at nights. This was very concerning; I assumed that it was from the protein shakes I was incorporating in my meals as I am lactose intolerant and my protein powder, Nitrotech, is vanilla flavoured and milk based. I reduced the intake of my protein shakes in the evenings to see if that would help. I also made the protein shakes with less protein powder and focused more on the other ingredients - banana, oats, peanut, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, etc. My protein shake is still very potent.

My ‘bloating advisors’ Jenifer and Fruity, gave me the remedy for bloating, which was a mixture of lemon, lime and apple cider vinegar. It seems to be working because in the last week of the April, I saw dramatic improvement as I lost weight and my stomach became flatter and leaner. I must confess that I fear that running and walking will cause me to lose muscle mass. What can I say? I will try to find a good balance between muscle building and losing fat.

Shorter Reps and Sets with Heavier Weight

Cut and bulk muscles

The cutting and bulking of my muscles over the last 38 days were not very significant. I have not seen any dramatic change in my muscle cuts and density so far. My gym attendance is mostly providing a toning effect on my body instead of cutting or bulking it. I think I will have to work the muscles harder by using shorter sets and reps, with heavier weights. I also think I will have to improve my form and lift the weights deliberately slower, so that full tension is placed on the muscles.

Over the last month, my focus was primarily on my legs. I concentrated on my legs a minimum of 3 times per week. This was predominantly to strengthen the leg which was previously injured. Stronger legs also better facilitate the level of running and walking that I knew I would be doing, especially on the hills. The improvement in my leg muscles are very evident, especially as I ‘run and walk’ over the hills of Mountain Spring and Long Mountain. To protect myself from injuries, I stretch before and during my leg workouts, and for extra precaution, I sometimes wear a leg brace.

All other body parts were exercised an average of 2 times per week. I have not seen major cuts or bulks in my shoulder, back, triceps, biceps and chest. As my body continues to respond well to the gym workouts over the next 22 days, I will lift heavier with shorter reps and sets. I will eat more seafood and protein supplements to better build my muscles and revive more muscle memory. Additionally, I will look at food options that will bulk my muscles while cutting my “Baady” fat and focus on building all body parts, especially my arms, chest and shoulders. I always feel good when those body parts are exaggerated.

Delicious and Healthy

My Cheat Moments

I rarely cheat, but I did have my moments. I am not perfect!! I tried hard not to cheat, but I must confess that I succumbed to some of the many temptations. Breaking bad habits that provide personal satisfaction is always very difficult to do. When I ate at home and in the office, my commitment to the GRED was excellent. My meals at home were prepared as I requested (big up to Jenifer). At the office, I fired ‘my office help’ from the role of ‘lunch provider’ to eliminate my unhealthy consumption of foods from Island Grill and Bistro Kingston, as these indulgent meals were not GRED friendly.

I had several business meetings at some of my favourite places in town such as Pegasus Hotel, TGI Fridays, AC Hotel, Uncorked, etc. At these meetings, I made several attempts to order healthy and delicious meals, but sometimes there are unavoidable parts of the meals that are not ‘GRED friendly’, like the sauces and fried sweet potatoes! For the most part, I stayed away from unhealthy foods, alcohol, and sugary drinks at these meetings. A craving I give into, that I, without a doubt never pass up, is a cup of coffee with condensed milk. Lord! I am a sucker for a hot cup of Blue Mountain coffee.

One of my worse cheat moments happened when I traveled to St. Elizabeth and St. James to explore some important community projects. When these projects are implemented, they are expected to enhance the quality of life of people in these rural communities and towns. The exploratory visit to Holland Estate, Luana, Black River, Southfield and Springfield, was a major eye-opener. The generous amount of untapped resources that exist in these communities are mind-boggling. On the journey, the food I consumed for breakfast and lunch at Kingmons and Jack Sprat was clean, tasty and delicious. These meals were all GRED friendly.

In Montego Bay, I stayed at the Hyatt. Hyatt is one of my most favourite hotels in the west; it is only topped by Iberostar. The staff is amazing, service is first class and the ambiance during the day and night is always outstanding. Brand Jamaica is ever on show from the staff, language, attitudes, humour and energy; “dem courteous bad”. On this visit, I stayed away from my favourite Italian restaurant on the property as, during my previous visit, my table was filled from corner to corner with goodies. I loved their gym! I wish I had it in my backyard. My only cheat moment was at breakfast; I saw ackee and saltfish with fried dumplings in someone’s plate next to me and got “craven” and of course, I followed up my cheating ways by having coffee with condensed milk - I could not resist!

Roof View at the S Hotel

After my time spent at Hyatt, I went hotel hopping to the S Hotel to meet up with three friends that were visiting Jamaica and this was where I had one of my worse cheat moments. On the roof of the hotel, there was a reggae bar designed in Jamaican colours, a glass pool overlooking the Doctors Cave beach and the Caribbean Sea, gazeboes, swinging and beach chairs. The rooftop provided an amazing view of the hills surrounding Montego Bay and the airplanes touching down towards Sangster International Airport. My friends took out a bottle of White Hennessy. I sternly resisted their offer to have a shot; I told them “I cannot, I have been encouraging my friends to be disciplined, so no alcohol for me". Unfortunately, I failed. In the end I had a couple of shots of Hennessey and drank Hennessey with Schweppes. On my trip back to Kingston, I stopped in Ochi at a little seaside bar and indulged in White Rum and Schweppes as well.

Pumping Hard at Hard End Fitness Factory

The Next Steps

The following are some minor adjustments that have been made to the GRED Program for the next 22 days:

1. Gym

● Join an aerobics class at the gym;

● Access personal training for abs training.

2. Running and Walking

● Run two marathons over the next 30 days;

● Select parishes/towns across Jamaica to run.

3. Eating

● Eliminate all fry foods;

● Eat only seafood and eggs as meat.

4. Drinking

● Drink green juices made from different herbs and vegetables;

● Drink garlic, honey, onion, ginger and beetroot juices.

● Drink Apple Cider Vinegar in the mornings and Lemon and lime drinks at nights;

My weight moved from 216 lbs to 207 lbs

I do hope that providing this update on the progress of my program, will continue to inspire you all to join the GRED. I will use all my social media platforms to keep you fully updated on my progress.

I will also create an online Forum Chat at to facilitate further discussions.

Read more of my blogs at Make sure you subscribe to the email listing and share this article with friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you want to engage with me more and get access to the exercises in the GRED program, book my services at

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Excellent GRED program. I definitely will try this program.


Jadeann Hunter
Jadeann Hunter
May 11, 2021

The GRED program sounds like an effective method to lose weight. I have to try this method. Thank you for sharing your fitness journey.

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