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Heroes Weekend!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The building of a country sometimes requires tremendous fight and fortitude. It is this journey through colonization and slavery that brought us to emancipation and independence. Heroes Day allows us to give homage to those who were part of the struggle, we call them our National Heroes; Nanny, Norman, Alexander, William, Paul, Sam and Marcus.

Heroes Day is designated a Public Holiday in Jamaica. It is a time of freedom away from work, and time to focus on fun and relaxation. Many people opt for an out of town trip to their rural homes, some head to the beach and others like myself travel to places like Ocho Rios (Ochi) to relax and have fun.

I have been doing Heroes Weekend in Ochi for close to two decades now. Yes, I am that old. Ha. I have kept coming because of the following:

1. Ochi is a lovely place to have a vacation. There are numerous airbnb apartments and houses, villas and hotels to choose from.

2. There are many high quality attractions to engage with like Green Grotto Caves, Mystic Mountain, Bob Marley Mausoleum, Fern Gully, Dolphin Cove, Konoko Falls, Dunns River Falls, etc.

3. Many nature tours and parks, allowing engagement with the ecosystem of Jamaica, such as Greenhouse, H & H Farms, Argyll, Turtle River, Shaw Park, etc.

4. Beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. I love Ocho Rios Bay Beach, Puerto Seco Beach and Mahoney Beach just to name a few.

5. The night life in Ocho Rios is vibrant all year around. The places have evolved over the years. Today the top spots are Shades, Club Foreplay, Gen-X, Margaritaville, etc. The club’s in the hotels are just as good -Jamaica Grande now Moon Palace.

6. The parties are just wild and fun-filled. The parties are what I mostly travel for. Frenchmen has been a staple for the last 20 years. The double header of Nightcap and Foreplay, has now been supplemented with a sexy breakfast party Rise Up.

7. Finally, for me… the food! I love the variety of food that the all inclusive hotel provides. But heading to Main Street and St. James Street is where it is at. Anything your pallet can test is available… corn soup, jerk chicken and pork, curry chicken and goat, patty, etc.

Just a quick insight into why Ochi Heroes Weekend. See you this year again!

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