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Entanglement: Sin and Win

Updated: Dec 7, 2020


"Will and Jada Entanglement" is most topical at this time. Please remember that our lives are made up of many byways and waysides. Being judgmental is always very easy but remember perfection is only bestowed by God.

My Dad was a preacher and Mom was a Deaconess. I, however, cannot profess to be a champion of the gospel. One thing I know for sure, to respond to the many challenges that we all face in life, it is always important to use the Bible as a spiritual point of reference. The concept of perfection is debunked in the Bible. Jesus said, "no one is that perfect but God". He also reminded us that, "surely there is not a righteous man who does good and never sins".

There is a saying that goes, "there is no win without sin". However my brother Dessie’s twist on this is “sin makes winning easier”.

We all live our lives working hard to create wins. These ‘wins’ determine who we become in life. We all hope to find a companion to create a great family with and live happily thereafter. The greatest win of all, is a healthy life, filled with happiness.

It might sound bad, but life is mainly about creating wins!

As a matter of fact, ‘wins’ are life outcomes that create happiness, satisfaction and upliftment. Wins create a feeling of elation, pride and satisfaction, especially when acknowledged by our peers, families and friends. Winners are recognized, lauded and given a status in our communities, like our own Usain Bolt, now OJ, CD and "the greatest sprinter of all time". He is one of our global winners.

My own quest to be a winner defines who I am to this day. Growing up, I played competitive sports. I always wanted to be on a winning team. I aspired to be academically accomplished, resulting in me acquiring multiple degrees. I am addicted to economic independence, which fuels my desire to engage in multiple careers and businesses.

We all sin in very simple ways. In conversations we lie to make the stories we tell sound more dramatic. Our selfishness sometimes forces us to put ourselves ahead of others, even the less fortunate. We are all guilty of swearing at each other, using unkind and vile language. We all have failed at honouring our Moms and Dads; yes, we can remember being disobedient and not following their instructions and counsel.

Most winners strive to be the best. They find it hard to be satisfied with mediocrity. They are always striving to create more. They are always looking to identify the prevailing benchmarks, then they work hard to be better than them. Winners have certain characteristics which make them different and unique. They naturally take risks; in their view, no risk means no gain. Winners work smarter - not harder. Through continuous learning they quickly produce more improved systems and processes to execute their actions. They are competitive and are fighters who are motivated to always be number one.

So, can we win without the influence of sin? I say no, what do you think?

Will and Jada are top class winners. They are valued close to a billion dollars. Their talents and artistry are globally recognized and acknowledged as most extraordinary and exemplary. They have used their fame to influence the world via social media and films. They appear to have a loving family and have stayed together through “thick and thin”. But yes, they are not perfect, and they should not be expected to be perfect.

Let us leave Will and Jada alone to solve their problems. Their entanglement activities are restricted to the people they love and desire. Let us focus more salient issues like institutional racism that continues to rape and marginalize Black Lives.

Life is a big competitive fight. As the strong deliver wins their efforts sometimes adversely impact the weak among us. Exploitation of others, I think is the greatest sin of all. Slavery was utilized to marginalize, abuse and exploit our ancestors. Today, institutionalized racism is a form of modern slavery. It is used to cripple the mobility and growth of minorities across the world.

Let us look inwards to see how we can make this world a better place through improvements in our own actions. I charge us to do one of the following:

· Select one unattached youth to provide support, by providing his/her meals, clothes and assist with their educational development;

· Select one elderly person to support, by checking on them and helping to expedite their weekly errands;

· Select someone to mentor and nurture in your workplace and community, by exposing them to the keys to your success;

· Select one charitable organization to partner with to help those in need;

Finally, just adopt a cause that produces a win for someone.

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