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New Horizons Journey Planner: A Tool To Self-Actualize Your Purpose

New Horizons Journey Planner: A Tool To Self-Actualize Your Purpose

Welcome to the 2023-2024 New Horizons Journey Journal (and Planner)


Remember, Benjamin Franklin who argued that "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

The human experience is driven by our systems, knowledge, governance, technology, and most importantly decisions. An accumulation of choices and habits create our own system followed on a daily basis. The center of our perceptions, interpretations and actions align with our individual experiences. At the core of our drive, is our purpose. Purpose is the reason behind the passions we pursue which is our will to live not just to live, but thrive in life. This product is the first of many products that hope to inspire individuals ages 12-24 to commit to a self-discovery journey that allows them to elucidate untapped potential and share their inner desires with the world. The is a journal and planner-in-one relevant for the use of adolescents and young adults, however, we believe the journal is timeless! With heightened attention deficit disorders on the rise, we hope the hard copy versions will be appreciated by our buyers to assist with focus and intentional actions. This is an A4 and 310-page book!
Features include:

  • Contract
  • Letter to Me
  • Year in Photos Spread
  • Financial Goals
  • Financial Reflection Questions
  • Yearly Goals Per Quarter Planning
  • Becoming Reflection Sheet
  • Your Support Connections and Primary Points of Contact Purpose
  • Self-Evolution Reflection Sheet
  • Mistakes Reflection Sheet
  • Healing (x2) Reflection Sheet
  • Self-Care Tool Kit Builder
  • Your Why Reflection Sheet
  • Daily To-Do (Standard Routine)
  • Monthly Goals
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Savings Tracker
  • Financial Overview Tracker
  • Budget Tracker
  • Daily Focused Tasks
  • Nutrition Log(s)
  • Recipe Log
  • Exercise Log(s)
  • Gratitude Log(s)
  • START AT ANY TIME: The planner is organized based on the calendar year, however, there is no barrier to when it can be started since customers can fill in the dates!
  • GREAT FOR VISUAL PEOPLE (AND OTHER LEARNING TYPES): The design was made by a visual learner who understands the benefit of visual design and productivity.
    KEEP TRACK OF YOUR LIFE AND BE PRODUCTIVE: With the start of every year, it can be hard to stay on top of your personal, professional, financial, travel, health and life goals. However, we are here to help.
    FOCUSED ACTIONS: For those that are in need of a planner that will help them focus on their goals and become more intentional about their vision.
    BEGINNER-FRIENDLY: This planner is beginner friendly and perfect for your first time trying to plan and stick your goals. It is proven that writing down your goals improve the chances of them coming to fruition.
  • Digital Planner Instructions, FAQ and Terms of Use


    This digital planner is designed for use on the iPad, Kindle Scribe and Android compatible tablets in the app GoodNotes5 but you can also use this digital planner in any annotation app that allows PDF markup such as OneNote (Microsoft) or Notability (App Store). Also, applications available on ANDROID or MACBOOK/iMAC). These must be separately purchased by customers. 


    Tutorial videos for iPad and Samsung Tab are widely available on YouTube to understand how to use note-taking applications.  

     The GoodNotes app syncs between all Apple devices that have the GoodNotes applications installed.                          

    Remember, a downloaded item is considered used and therefore can't be returned or refunded. 

    I recommend using the GoodNotes app and writing in this planner using an Apple Pencil or another stylus that’s compatible with your device. It's also possible to just type in the document too in other applications that do not have touchscreen enabled writing or draw-to-text functionality. 


    The GoodNotes app can synchronize with your iPhone so you'll be able to open your planner there too.  The app GoodNotes5 is also available for MacOs. 

    Additional pages will be available for purchase in 2023 on the Etsy page and Created By Leone website. 

    1.) Once you purchase the listing and your payment is received, you will be able to download the files once your payment is confirmed. You will also receive an order receipt containing a link to download

    2.) Then you can save the file to your device and open/import the file into your note taking app. (I recommend the app GoodNotes)

    • Refunds

    Due to the nature of digital downloads, they are nonrefundable. All sales are final and cannot be returned. But please don't hesitate to reach out through Etsy Messages if you have any questions

    • Terms of Use

    Files are for personal use only and may not be resold, copied, distributed, altered, shared, or used for commercial use.

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