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Family Memoirs (A Series of Books)

Family Memoirs (A Series of Books)

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A series of books elucidating my origins and the best tales in my life. 


    A recollection of the Farquharson family's journey to financial advancement, family building, migrations and health and wellness which all started in St.Elizabeth, Jamaica. Or did it? Tracing our ancestral origins is a chore especially among the Pan-African disapora due to the shackles of slavary. We were taken from our homeland and shipped to the West Indies. The rest is history. My family has truly taken the oppurtunity of using our own history to embark on a life of abundance. Our choices were strategic so that our future generations would be uplifted in all forms of life. My father was a farmer. He lay the foundation for my extended family to harvest our own crops. Let me tell you how he did it and how it has affected my own life path. 


    Coming Soon.


    Coming Soon.

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